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There are still secrets despite social media

April 1, 2011

Thanks to Wikileaks, Twitter, Facebook and other relatively new platforms there has been an explosion of articles and literature on the loss of privacy and end of the government secrecy.

It is true that a lot has been released and more people than every have access to such information but it would be immensely naïve to believe that secret back-handers and dirty tricks are things of the past.

There is no question that governments still have people murdered; opposing regimes toppled and continue to support tyrants in order to promote “stability”.

There is still information out there which we the public may never learn anything about and there is more that we will only discover decades down the line.

Those at the top, the likes of governments and multinationals, have access to the latest technology, spend the most on R&R and as a result reap the rewards of the newest discoveries. What we consider brand new and innovative has most probably been possession of an elite few.

So it is inevitable that such organisations will have strategies in place in order to counter act the “threat” of such platforms.

In conclusion, there is still a need for old fashioned investigative journalism. This will occur in tandem with social media, but it cannot be totally reliant upon it. Reporters will still have to stay up late streaming through long-winded documents, chasing up leads and knocking on doors.

If the “greatest” journalistic discovery ever, Watergate, has taught us anything, it is that you are only as good as your sources and you only get those through hard work and luck.

I look forward to learning about other cover-ups and injustices but I will always appreciate all the elements that were needed for them to occur.

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