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Top five social media monitoring tools

March 27, 2011

social mediaIf like us you often find yourself overwhelmed by the constant and ever-more-frequent stream of tweets and status updates, it will be a relief to discover there are a number of brilliant tools out there to help you keep a tab on things.

Our top five social media monitoring tools:

1) Social Mention – This is a great tool if you are trying to develop your own brand in the social media-sphere. It monitors your brand’s mentions from a number of sites including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and displays it in an easy-to-digest search results page.

2) Topsy – Read Google for social media. Topsy is a basic yet powerful search engine which searches the social web and displays trending topics and results much like Google. It’s a very useful tool when you’re trying to locate a specific tweet, as Twitter’s own integrated search bar does not display older tweets.

3) Tweet Scan – Much like Topsy, Tweet Scan is a simple Google-like tool for searching the social web, but exclusively for Twitter. Again, it generally holds results dating further back than the Twitter search engine.

4) BackTweets – Billed as ‘Twitter Analytics’, BackTweets provides a useful tool for publishers looking to determine their reach. The free service lets you search for mentions of your brand, while the premium service offers a number of different analytics services, including graphs and other data, as well as Google analytics integration.

5) Addictomatic – While its tag-line ‘inhale the web’ may seem a bit extreme, what Addictomatic does do is let you “instantly create a custom web page with the latest buzz on any topic”. It can be very useful when you’re looking to keep track and monitor a specific topic as it breaks or develops.

Have we missed out your favourite social media monitoring tool? Let us know in the comments.

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