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Get a social media education

March 21, 2011

“In the future, the cost of education will be zero.”

These words will never become reality but it is an idea which is worth exploring nonetheless.

Whilst the debate rages over the cost of higher education and the continued elitism of this country’s education system, it is worth looking at the possibilities social media offer to the youngest in our society as they grow up with all these still relatively modern ideas.

Already dubbed by some as the “Google” generation, more and more frequently individuals are able to discover the answers to the most of their questions online.

Seen as independence by some, others have argued that it means have lost the ability to research problems for themselves.

However, to criticise social media as a tool for education is short sighted and naïve.

No one is suggesting that children should not attend school, but rather that they appreciate the opportunity in front of them.

No longer are facts, data, figures and information of any kind kept by a few individuals in some exclusive establishments. The society we are living in now is more open than ever before. This openness provides problems of its own but as far as access to information is concerned, things are only improving.

Wikileaks is an obvious example, but search engines in general save time, money and effort, something everyone deserves to have more of.

In a world where people are working more hours, for more years for less money, social media seems like a great idea.

From finding out what is going in Yemen to the latest injury news in English Premier League, it has never been easier to find what you are looking for.

But take advantage of it now, as some fear the internet and thus social media will not be so even for long.

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