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Rebecca Black and ‘Friday’

March 20, 2011

Many of today’s musical greats ‘made it’ because of social media. Arctic Monkeys were one of the first acts to come to the public’s attention via the internet back in 2005, with commentators suggesting that they’d changed the music industry forever. Since then, countless numbers of artists and acts have been spotted via social media – from Lily Allen to Justin Beiber. And even though I’m not a Beleiber, I have to admit I have a soft spot for the pre-pubescent tweeny-bopper’s hits.

But this is a step too far.

A couple hours ago, BBC radio 1 announced on Twitter that “The internet sensation that is Friday by Rebecca Black has entered the UK’s Indie Singles #OfficialChart at No.10!“.
I had only heard whispers of the name Rebecca Black. After seeing this tweet, I had to check her out.
I wish I hadn’t. The result is this:

It’s now number 10 in the UK’s Indie Singles Official Chart. Not because Rebecca Black is an up-and-coming talented indie artist – no. It’s because the British public love a good laugh, and as a result of this absolutely awful tune, the video’s gone viral.

Last Friday Friday gotta get down on Fridayyyyy BBC newsbeat reported that the thirteen-year-old’s nauseating pop song had received 16 million views after “being widely described as the worst one [song] ever recorded.” It’s trending on Twitter as I type and is currently subject to a massive amount of internet discussion on debate – including blogging, of course.

But why have I, among millions of others, shared her video on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook? Because of her inciteful lyrics, or inspiring voice? No – it’s because the song is awful, with crap lyrics (gotta have a bowl, gota have cereal… gotta catch my bus, I see my friends. etc.) and the autotune sounds like Alvin and the chipmunks. But Black may have the last laugh – her song is now available for download, and is 54th on the Itunes chart. As far as she’s concerned – after tweeting  “My song Friday is now available on iTunes !!! Thank you all for your support. xoxo ❤ :)” on March 15 – she’s ‘made it’ too.

It just goes to show that social media doesn’t really distinguish between great and awful. In a sense, any publicity, as long as there’s lots of it, is good publicity.

(Video: Ark Music Factory via Youtube)

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