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Top live blogging tools for journalists

February 11, 2011

Covering live events online has become part of the day-to-day operations of most newspapers.

Live text updates of sporting events and news conferences have become valuable sources of traffic for many websites.

Part of the lure of live coverage is that it often provides a platform for users to interact with both the journalist and each other on the website, adding an extra dimension to coverage of an event which may have previously just been a straight news story.

Here, Social Jigsaw takes a look at the three most popular tools for covering live events.

1) Cover It Live

Cover It Live is one of the most popular tools for online blogging. It is used by a number of UK-based news outlets including The Telegraph and Sky News Online. It is completely free to use and has many useful features including the ability to bring in Twitter feeds and hashtags, as well as featuring a fully-integrated comments platform.

2) is probably the best way to stream live video to users. Users can quickly register and then stream a live video feed which can then be embedded on a webpage or accessed directly on

3) WordPress

While it not may be the most brilliant way to keep users up-to-date from a live event, creating a post in a WordPress blog and continually updating it is an effecient and simple way to provide a live feed.

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