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British Monarchy Facebook page goes live

November 8, 2010

The British Monarchy’s very own Facebook page went live today, and in less than 100 hours has already been ‘liked’ by over 92,000 people – including myself.
Unfortunately it’s not the Queen’s personal profile page, so you can’t add her to your friends list, or poke her, or tag pictures of her. But if you ‘like’ the service you can get updates on a variety of Royal activities via their news feed, including diaries, latest news and photo albums. You can also check out the Royal Channel on YouTube – created in 2007 – or follow them on Twitter @BritishMonarchy – created in 2009. The Monarchy also introduced a Flickr account earlier this year.
The Queen herself has been said to have embraced email and emails her grandchildren, Prince Philip allegedly uses computer and the internet, and Prince William has already featured on social networking sites Facebook and Bebo.
All they need now is a MySpace and a Delicious account and they’ll be fully 21st Century.
But why is the British Monarchy doing this, we ask?
The Buckingham Palace-Clarence House-Royal Collection collaboration is just trying to keep up with the times, and as social media is the way to reach out to the younger generations – that is, the generations of tomorrow – it does seem like the best thing to do to get noticed. Indeed, the BBC, Sky News , and CNN reported this over the weekend.
Social Media expert Tony Beresford told Sky News last Friday that there has been high demand for a Royal Facebook page as “their Facebook pages are some of the most successful”.
But do 92,000 – and counting – people actually want to receive daily updates of the Court Circular (the recordings of the previous day’s official engagements) or are there other motives for ‘liking’ the British Monarchy Facebook page?
@CharlieLankston, a City University London student, said: “I think the Queen is awesome and it’s nice to see that the monarchy are making an effort to get involved with young people, even if it’s a bit late!”
@KatieLinsell, another City student, tweeted: “Good: Attempts change public view of out dated monarchy. Spanish monarchy modern and adored, ours must modernise and reach public” – you get the gist.
Whilst @Wylie_City and @tabithasisland ran along the lines of “I’m just angry that it was such big news. Who cares? Seriously….why do people care?” and “More like, does anyone actually care about the monarchy?”
Amongst a sea of comments on the actual page, along the lines of “Proud to be British” and “Welcome to Facebook, your majesty”, some Facebook users most probably lied when they decided to ‘like’ the Queen as the the British Monarchy’s walls are peppered with profanities, such as “F**k Queen”. The comments will be removed soon, no doubt.
Personally, I found the whole idea amusing and wanted to be part of what might come to be a cult following.
Will YOU ‘Like’ the British Monarchy on Facebook?

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